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New Year’s Emo

The end of the year is a funny time.  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs recently, in part for a blogs roundup at work.  You start noticing patterns, especially with the regional blogs. The content has become more reflective, … Continue reading

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Meet Abdul.

So while the big event in town was the Sunny Art Fair last night, Darat Al Funun invited myself and a few other strays to a somewhat humbler affair just before… Meet Abdul. This little room is where he keeps … Continue reading

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“Sentences on the Banks” in Video

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What is ‘Interruptions’?

So after months and months i finally got a version of what must be Amman’s most mysterious magazine: Interruptions. What makes this magazine different? To begin with, its only produced when the team have enough money to go ahead and … Continue reading

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Cafe Des Artistes opens on Rainbow

A sheek new purely-art themed cafe opens on Rainbow: Cafe Des Artistes. Continue reading

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Chocolate Fondue

It remains to be said that this is an indecent dessert, an affront to anyone of refined taste, a brutish decadent-dietary-Faustian-pact of a trifle – the sort of thing they consume in the black draped tables of Hell. Continue reading

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Why don’t people write?

Maybe the writer’s are the normal ones? Why wouldn’t anyone want to write? Why didn’t everyone write? I came up with the following: Continue reading

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Inception: Descartes, Jung and why Hollywood still rocks…

“Inception” – it sort of sounded like a mix between incision and deception, one of those words you’ve rarely if ever come across, but sort of understand the minute you hear it. Continue reading

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