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Shufimafi grows up.

Shufimafi just turned into a swan :-p And even learned to spell! Check out the new site below: Happy 2011! P.s. Thanks to @Mayyasi for the some help with the header 🙂 Advertisements

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Japanese Tea Drinking in Jordan

So yesterday I went to a “Japanese Tea Drinking” event at the Jordan River Foundation. We drank something called “Matcha” – it’s almost fluorescent green, has small bubbles in it, and bears no resemblance at all to Green tea.  The … Continue reading

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New Year’s Emo

The end of the year is a funny time.  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs recently, in part for a blogs roundup at work.  You start noticing patterns, especially with the regional blogs. The content has become more reflective, … Continue reading

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Meet Abdul.

So while the big event in town was the Sunny Art Fair last night, Darat Al Funun invited myself and a few other strays to a somewhat humbler affair just before… Meet Abdul. This little room is where he keeps … Continue reading

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“Sentences on the Banks” in Video

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Social Media @ Sweet 16

For many of us born in the early 1990s or before, social media is unquestionably a good thing. This is especially the case in the Middle East – here fewer press freedoms mean networks such as twitter or facebook are … Continue reading

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Reconnecting with #Amman

So last week was heavy. It occurred to me i hadn’t spent time with myself, or the city, for a long time.  It was time to “reconnect.” Here are some of the places i found myself. NB. Many of the … Continue reading

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Wikileaks: Getting Personal. Juicy bits 1

Wikileaks shows that there’s a big difference between suspecting what goes on, and actually seeing some evidence: President Barack Obama is revealed in one damaging cable as having ‘no feelings for Europe’ and preferring to ‘look East rather than West’. … Continue reading

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Dreams: The Deadline?

Keeping track of dreams is probably a very good idea. Blogging about them perhaps isn’t.  But yesterday i woke up with one that struck me: A long beach. There’s a stone wall on the left, to the right is the … Continue reading

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Bitesize Movie Musings

It’s about time for some general-stream-of-consciousness-almost-think and write movie reviews.  Blogging is becoming a little formal and over-edited, perhaps as it becomes more broadly recognised, but maybe that’s a bad thing? Anyway, chief culprit first: EAT PRAY LOVE –  6/10 … Continue reading

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