Meet Abdul.

So while the big event in town was the Sunny Art Fair last night, Darat Al Funun invited myself and a few other strays to a somewhat humbler affair just before…

Meet Abdul.

This little room is where he keeps all his memories.

Abdul came to Jordan after the Palestinian exodus in 1948. He served over 15 years in the Jordanian airforce, and with the Libyan airforce as well.

He wanted to become a  fighter pilot.

But instead he taught himself to become an artist, and found a way to connect himself to his homeland and ‘the resistance’ through art.

This is his workshop.

This is an example of his work – a marriage in Palestine… celebrating traditional and local life.

Today Abdul Hay Mosallam has exhibited all over Europe, and in the States as well. Through his work, he’s recreated the memory of a world he was forced to leave behind.

Thanks to Noura and Petra Swais for organizing this. Check out the @daratalfunun twitter channel if you’d be interested in attending or hearing about events like this.

As for SAF… well, stay tuned!

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5 Responses to Meet Abdul.

  1. Mayyasi says:

    what a lovely post John! Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. kinziblogs says:

    Thanks for sharing your backstage pass to the pre-show.

    Another reason to ask the local elders lots of questions. Wow.

  3. dino says:

    nice post thank u for sharing with us

  4. blackwatertown says:

    Hey – thanks for the interesting and informative post. Lovely to get a peek inside Abdul Hay Mosallam workshop. I’d be interested in hearing more from him about his work if that’s on offer.
    (By the way – I came to you via kinziblogs – so you’re highly recommended indeed.)

    • shufimafi says:

      Hey thanks for the reply – will have to thank Kinzi for the referral. Abdul seems to be a little bit underground, but here’s hoping everyone sees more of him soon…. for more info Darat Al Funun is a great resource, and doing some pretty interesting stuff right now!

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