Dreams: The Deadline?

Keeping track of dreams is probably a very good idea. Blogging about them perhaps isn’t.  But yesterday i woke up with one that struck me:

A long beach. There’s a stone wall on the left, to the right is the feeling of the Ocean, but you can’t see it.  The beach bends into the horizon, endless like a desert.  There’s someone  – a functionary – waiting at the end of that horizon for something.  It’s not something mysterious or magical, but something heavy and modern. Information, feedback… something for a deadline.

But the sand keeps changing.  Sometimes it’s the soft kind and your feet sink right in, slowing you down, and you slide and slip a little.  Other times it’s the wet sloppy sound, the kind that’s uncomfortable and sticks to your feet.  All the time the person waiting at the end of the beach feels further away, and you’re getting more tired, but you keep going.  The sky feels funny, too.


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