What is ‘Interruptions’?

So after months and months i finally got a version of what must be Amman’s most mysterious magazine: Interruptions.

What makes this magazine different? To begin with, its only produced when the team have enough money to go ahead and print it.  The content is let’s say not quite “mainstream” so advertising is an issue (Syntax being a notable exception) – which means a limited print run.  Then of course there’s distribution to think about… which involves some guy on a bike (or okay, maybe car) travelling around Amman to deliver the gem of a publication by hand, to strategic persons and locations.

The idea is to create an underground, edgy slightly cultish magazine with a dedicated tribe of followers, passed around by hand, and sustained by word of mouth.

So getting your hands on this Magazine is a bit of a mission – which is all the more reason to read it. But what’s it actually about?


Flicking through the NOISE EDITION [pictured above] there’s lots of interesting stuff. A picture of adoring fans pouring over Paris Hilton is matched with the headline “Why Things Suck” while an article by Raafat Majzoub on “Kul-Haifa-Thum Obstruction” asserts “we are no longer born gifted, we are made.”

There’s an article about branding Amman from 360.east on there, a piece on “neoliberal urban transformation” by Rami F. Daher which JO referenced here, as well as an article by Yara Saqfalhait entitled “The line between Utopia and Crime” – (excellent subject, still have to read).

As for the cat on the front cover, there’s an entire section dedicated to the “hidden feline society” which in fact is not “so much hidden as unseen” – the inference being that Amman’s creative’s experience something very similar [“this secret society has taken it upon themselves to start creating their own little world right under the nose of the humans”]

Interruptions definitely takes a certain amount of glee in being misunderstood… in a calculated sense of exile.  While most magazine’s dumb down their content to appeal to the widest audience this one does the opposite: “if you don’t get this, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this” is implicit in every page.  At times the language can get a little verbose, and the niche-nature of the work can create a slightly inward-looking ‘clubbish’ mentality, but perhaps this is understandable?

The sense of frustration and alienation running through the entire Magazine was probably the impetus for printing it in the first place.

You can check out the thinking behind Interruptions here or flick through previous issues here.

But do so quickly.  According to a founding “interrupter,” Khaled Sedki, the project has been ‘put on hold’ for now.  So these first impressions may well be your last.

I leave you with the lovely opening from the most recent issue:

“Dear Interruptionists,

This is certainly not the edition that will save the world. The content is neither coherent nor structured. It does not carry a gesture of order, or even attempt to build an idea. Noise edition is almost unedited, and its actual production took only a few weeks almost a year after releasing Banana.  For many, it’s a business failure since we beg for the money to print and then distribute for free! Many articles were postponed for lack of funds, and great ideas were ditched for lack of time but nothing was held-up for the lack of passion, energy or determination”

What do you think?  Would you pay for this Magazine?  I know i would.


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4 Responses to What is ‘Interruptions’?

  1. YJawhar says:

    I definitely would.. I got the noise edition at turtle green tea bar in rainbow street.. didn’t get to read the whole thing but there’s definitely something mysterious and attractive about it!! It’s a sub-culture of its own!

  2. Rambo says:

    mwahahahaha.. I have 7 copies of noise edition. I must find worthy candidates of course, btw saw a stack at books@ the other day.

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