Chocolate Fondue

Tempting isn't it?

So not having any art to critique of late my thoughts turned to food – in particular chocolate fondue, in particular the chocolate fondue they serve at Casper and Gambini’s.

There’s something unsettling about it.

It’s a scarlet dessert – a clear affront to anyone with refined taste or any sense of culinary morals.  It’s stares up at you innocently, imploringly, from the shiny circumference of a white virgin plate – knowing full well that once you pierce it’s outer shell, that plate will become a gunky oozing chocolaty mess.

It’s a diabetic orgy – the pornography of the patisserie world.  In fact as a certain person next to me observed “hmmm, this is better than you,” I began to wonder whether it was not chocolate fondue, rather than the plush red apple, that had occasioned the entire fall of mankind…

It remains to be said that this is an indecent dessert, an affront to delicacy, a brutish decadent-dietary-Faustian-pact of a trifle – the sort of thing they consume in the black draped tables of Hell.

You gotta try it.

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