Books of Beirut

To be honest when it comes to Beirut i’m not sure what all the fuss is about…

With one exception.  The bookshops.  There’re excellent.  Thank you to “Bey” (ugh!) for the following – passages plucked at random from the first page opened of the books I brought back home with me.

I think i got lucky once or twice :-p

“A woman may affect a manly bearing as an excellence, but not vice versa.”
The Art of Worldy Wisdom, Balthasar Gracian

“The Professor of Philosophy has defined dialectic, and Phaedrus had listened carefully, but it was in one ear and out the other, a characteristic that philosophic statements often have when something is left out.  In a later class another student who seemed to be having the same trouble asked the Professor of Philosophy to redefine dialectic and this time the Professor had glanced at Phaedrus with another quick flicker of fear and become very edgy.  Phaedrus began to winder if “dialectic” had some special meaning that made it a fulcrum word – one that can shift the balance of an argument, depending on how it’s placed.  It was”.
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, An Inquiry into Values, Robert M. Pirsig

Johnnie stamped out a cigarette. “So that’s what I’m saying, Barack. Whole panorama of life out there.  Crazy shit going on. You got to ask yourself, is this kinda stuff happening elsewhere? Is there any precedent for all this shit? You ever ask yourself that?”
Dreams from my Father, Barack Obama

“Thus the two old night-watchmen and light-scarecrows spoke to each other, and thereupon tooted mournfully into their horns: thus is happened last night by the garden wall.

But my heart writhed with laughter and wanted to break and did not know where to go and sank into my midriff.

Verily, this will yet be the death of me, that I choke with laughter when I see asses drunk and hear night-watchmen thus doubting God.

For is it not long past the time for all such doubts?
Thus spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

At that time I was only twenty-four years old. My life then was already gloomy, disorderly, and solitary to the point of savagery.
Notes from the Underground, Fyodor Dostoevsky


A much needed roundabout was built overnight in Jounieh during the week of the elections.

It must be municipal elections time already! Maybe we should make them on a yearly basis? So that road adjustments can take place more regularly.

*The End!*

Amalgram Vol. 2, Maya Zankoul

Mon Dieu - Zey Av Pavements!!

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  1. faten says:

    All the Love to Beirut

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