ID:000: Jordan’s Orphans

So despite the Franco-Arab Film Festival effectively censoring one of their own artists – on the opening night no less (see here) – as well as a few other hiccups, the first prize for a documentary turned out of be a pretty compelling choice.

ID:000 is an 18 minute short film about graduate orphans in Amman.  The film draws its name from the national security code given those with no family in Jordan, in a society where the family is the central social unit, and family name an intrinsic element of identity – as well as authority, power and honor.

I found it interesting because it seemed to mirror what I’ve been reading about the treatment of poor kids in some of Jordan’s schools (again on 7iber here).  I also find it odd that in a supposedly religious society, this kind of stuff (beatings, a death, eventually crime and prostitution) can be allowed to happen.  Why aren’t the Church’s or Mosque’s helping out? And why aren’t individuals being punished/held accountable… instead it’s an ‘issue’ for government to address or future generations to improve…

The film was put together by SAE students (Widad Shafago, David Deir and Yazan Hazeem).  They chose their theme wisely and executed with verve.

Anyway trailer below, check it out.

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3 Responses to ID:000: Jordan’s Orphans

  1. Trang Delmar says:

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  2. Dear Admin, please help us to reach these orphans. Anyone have contacts of any of them or the journalists or the one who made this video? We need to reach these people, we are a foundation for the orphans and maybe we can help them and find them a proper job.
    Please let us know as soon as possible.
    Thank you

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